The Art of Manya Milkovich

   About the Artist - Manya Milkovich AFCA
Manya Milkovich

Manya's love for art goes back to her teenage years. She was born, raised and educated in Croatia. She traveled extensively throughout Europe. Manya's European experiences and influences find their way into her artwork. After living in Germany for two years she moved to Canada in 1974, settling in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. In the late 70's and early 80's, influenced by Croatian Primitive Art (also known as Naive Art), she created her best Primitive Art paintings. The medium was Oil on Glass and Oil on Canvas. In the 90's Manya took painting and drawing classes and she completed a three year program offered by the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as numerous workshops and seminars presented by well known artists.

She is drawn to the subject matter that evokes an emotional response within.   Her paintings include both representational and non-representational impressions of moments in life.   Always open to new concepts, Manya likes to explore different mediums, techniques and painting surfaces, experimenting with colour and design.

Manya's artwork was successfully entered in many juried exhibitions winning awards both within the Federation of Canadian Artists and in other juried exhibitions.  

Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, USA and Europe.

   Artist's Statement

"Certain images attach themselves to us by the impact of their impression, while others come out of us through our life experiences.   My paintings are a mixture of both.   I enjoy a variety in media and subject matter and the new results that spring from them."